Tone In Writing (First Draft)


Exercise for Students: Think about the place you live in (apartment, house, room, etc.). Choose three different tones listed below and write about them using each tone.

  • Objective , optimistic, humourous,sentimental , frustrated, angry, excited

Question: What tone does each photo have? What words would you use to describe them? Write all of them in your journal as well. Respond to at least two other students’ writing.




Waiting, the cups and used plates clatter eagerly. Paper bags on the floor wave expectantly to the turning fan, afraid to be left without their resting place. Sabrina yawned and remembered: today Uncle is coming back! This is why the room is filled with rigor and excitement, the dust dancing around waiting to be seen, and the artificial flowers in the vase begin to come alive.


The apartment consists of four spaces: the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. The bedroom has a closet, a bookshelf, and a window overlooking the garden. There are blue tiles on the floor. The bathroom is all white tiles and a cat litter box is under the washbasin. The living room is wide and well illuminated, as one of the walls is a long and tall window. Over the wooden floor is the table, in front of it, you can see the couch. A little flat screen is attached to the wall, in the wall in front there is a big mirror. The kitchen is small, in there is an oven, a microwave, and a dishwasher. Objective Tone


A chunky cat prowls over the place, poking his nose at the corner of the couch. He doesn’t know, because he is a cat, but he is living in the most beautiful apartment he has been living in. The main area is the ideal spot for his sudden and unnecessary sprints, to happen in a well-illuminated living room full of colors and plants (which he had thought of pissing them). All the mornings he meows at the door of the bedroom with the hope of sleeping between the legs of the human in charge of feeding him and cleaning his poop. Outside the bedroom is a white room where he shits, sometimes in the litter box, sometimes outside of it because, why not? He is a fat cat who owns an apartment. Humrous Tone


The beams of light ascend softly in the morning illuminating a living room full of colors and memories. On the wall, you can see photos of people who seem lovable. The space is wide and you can feel the love with which the place is cared for. A beautiful black cat sleeps gently in the coach. A huge plant reflects its greens in a huge mirror that gives a sensation of openness and freedom. Sentimental tone

  1. Objective:

When one goes down the, one enters the kitchen of the three-floored house. It is the part of the house that receives the least light. Right across the stairs stands the dinner table and the TV. There are a couple of couches casually placed, and in the back of the room is where the counters at. The humidity is felt more intensely down there, which overall doesn’t have a different look from the rest of the house.

  1. Frustrated:

When one goes down the last stairs, one goes into the kitchen of the three-floored housing. The darkest part of the house immediately brings the person down. The first thing to see when coming down the last step of the stairs is the empty and dusty dinner table and an old TV. Couches that are disorderly spread before the kitchen area give a chaotic scenery alongside the suffocating atmosphere caused by humanity, which has the same blight as the rest of the house.

  1. Positive:

When one goes down the stairs, one goes into the kitchen of the three-floored home. It is the part of our home, where you won’t be blinded because of the sunlight. The first thing that catches one’s eye is the dining area which is tidy and probably has not been used in a while, and waiting for a family to come together every evening around it with a vintage TV. There is even enough space to put a couple of couches before the counter area. Because it is the ground floor it is a bit damp, which fits perfectly with the rest of the house. Pinarcepni

First picture : sad, lost Second picture: cute, comfort Third picture: holiday, relax


Picture 1. Sad, miserable, hopelessness. Picture 2. Scared, in need of help, cold. Picture 3. Relaxation, bliss, tranquility.


Pic-1 has a tone of sadness. The elderly man appears to have received some bad news and trying to decide what to do or just so broken by the piece of news or he is facing some difficult situation in life. Pic-2 has a tone of happiness. The cat looks so comfortable and content in the pink blanket. Pic-3 has a tone of relaxation. The lady appears to be taking in the scenery, and seems this is a vacation or time off she has been waiting for by taking off her shoes, and semi-stretched on the beach sand.


Pic-1 The old man bowed down his head, and he is deeply thinking about something. It seems he faces dispute repeatedly in his family or he is financially weakened due to pandemic. Whatever the reason, he is very sad, and he might be searching a way to resolve the issue. Pic-2 I can see a small kitten rolled in a soft pink blanket. She looks calm and cute. She might woke up, and she is looking for food. She looks very confident and fearless. Pic-3 A women seated at seashore, and she is looking at the people enjoying swimming in sea. It seems, she is alone in her life. Though we can not see her face expression, but it looks she is waiting for someone for long time. I can also assume that she has already waited for longtime, and now she wants to live rest of life alone.


Pic-1 young lady: exhaustion – For the third day in a row Shariq was going to have to sit and listen to his two oldest friends hash out the latest political crisis in the capital. What a terrible waste of what was usually a lovely visit and tea time. When would the two realize that all they are doing is tiring themselves – and Shariq – out. Kitten – ridiculous – Pic-2 “Awwwww….” gushed my sister in a childish voice. “Look at this widdle, bittie, smoodgie, woodgie, baby kittie… how can you not like cats?!? ” Clearly she was not going to let this go. I dumped my book on my bed, shuffled into my slippers and made my way to her desk. “Oh yes. A cat.” I uttered flatly. “Wrapped in a blanket. How original. Who would have thought an image like that would be on Instagram.” Turning on my heel I stomped back to my bed and cracked my book back open. “Get a life…” I muttered under my breath. Pic-3 couple – relief It smelled like salt, fresh, bright and a little misty on the face. After a 4 hour car ride from Ridgecrest to Malibu with two car accidents and a traffic jam to beat all jams she made it. Let the Airbnb vacation begin. Sun hat check, lotion check, book check, hidden flask of gin check. “I made it.” she said to no one in particular. And she sighed and lay back on the soft warm sand.

Jona Lynn

I have picked the three pictures. The first one is sad. The young lady’s facial expression is telling more about her inner feeling. The second is optimistic. The kitten looks cute. The third tone is happy. The warm summer sunlight creates a relaxing atmosphere.


Sentimental– I have lived in the US for over six years now. I recently moved to Minnesota and I must say, I have enjoyed my stay so far. I truly love my mom’s apartment. I love the colors of the curtains which matches the pillows of the couch. My favorite part of the living room is the portraits on the wall. Portraits of each and everyone within our family. It fills my heart with so much love and gratitude when I walk in.Excited- My room is a work in progress. I am truly looking forward to seeing how it looks once I am done decorating. I plan on getting a huge mirror. A beautiful beige or cream bedframe as that is the aesthetic I am going for. The thought of walking into a space so beautiful everyday leaves me feeling anxious, happy and excited.


Pic-1 The lady looks sad. Because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, there would be many loss and the economics must collapse. His shop runs slowly and now is getting to the end. Pic-2 The cat shows the her sleepy face. She is new born kitten and looks for her lost mom. She is hungry and also sleepy in the same time. While waiting her mom, she would take a snap with the feeling for food. Pic-3 The women feel lonely. While Covid-19 situation, people cannot travel easily, the trip across the world is hard to be happened. The world is not the same and life style is changed to new normal life. She think of her family trip in Europe, they are apart and it is already 2 years that they cannot see each other.


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