Describing words for a person

writing skills

Use the following words in your sentence and paragraph

  • childlike, youthful, childish, young, immature, juvenile.
  • Chubby, fat, plump, overweight, tubby, stocky
  • Confident, secure, proud, egotistical, bossy
  • Cute, knockout, beautiful, stunning, attractive
  • Inquisitive, interested, curious, nosy, pushy
  • Relaxed, laid-back, lackadaisical, lazy, easy-going
  • Slim, skinny, slender, thin, bony, a stick
  • Talkative, conversational, chatty, garrulous

My supervisor is such an easy going person, she does not get ruffled even when honest mistakes are made and always finds a way to resolve issues while keeping everyone calm and focused on the task ahead. Her relaxed approach to life, while keeping the team accountable makes the working environment a joyful one. Whereas, the other team, who we must work with, has a supervisor who is lackadaisical about the work, is laid-back and lazy as he takes his time to review and approve activities/ projects thereby affecting the group’s productivity.


I am okay being a chubby boy with cute male breasts. He is very fat, you can notice it when he is sited. She is slightly plump in an attractive manner. My overweight uncle always ruins the dinner with his homophobic comments. Mom, I should control my diet, they are calling me tubby at school. As I’m short, I don’t want to go to gym to then look stocky.


I work as a research assistant and I feel confident about my skills. Although my job is not secure I feel proud of what I do with limited resources. My supervisor is very egotistical and bossy and thinks everyone is dumb except him.

Ahmad Saeed

The talkative driver hadn’t stopped chatting. His tone was casual and conversational. My niece is a chatty boy. He is portrayed as a foolish, garrulous old man.


My brother is always on a diet, so he is always slim and attractive. My friend John is so skinny, that he can not lift a weight. His body is so slender that sometimes it looks like he has lost some organs. I want to become thin, so I am going to the gym. She is bony and it is hard to see any muscles, but she looks pretty. My friends are like a stick, they cannot be seen from far away.


An inquisitive doctoral student’s mind must question everything it reads. Likewise, researchers must possess a curious mind to unveil new mysteries with well-thought-out research questions. The role of a doctoral supervisor is to inspire students without being pushy or bossy. They also must indicate the difference between being nosy and genuinely interested in scholarly work.


The young lady I met in the bus had such a childlike innocence that made her seem youthful. Despite her childlike aura, the way she spoke was not childish or immature. She did not seem like a juvenile to me at all

 Tashnua Haque

Inquisitive: Children by nature are inquisitive and ask streaming questions on a topic that sometimes leaves us baffled but nevertheless we need to encourage them to develop the habit of asking or questioning. Interested: I am interested in lifelong development of myself, be it academic or non-academic in nature, and more importantly taking actions to fulfill my interests. Curious: I was curious on what I can learn from this course, but being curious is just not enough and I decided to sign up for this course. Nosy: Sometimes my neighbour next door on my left can get to be a bit nosy by asking too sensitive questions concerning my family that sometimes touch my nerves, however in order to maintain good relationship with my neighbour I do provide diplomatic responses to the questions. Pushy: Sometimes we fail to understand salesmen who become pushy by going overboard in selling their products to us, as the salesman’s income is based on commission on the sales they make in order to earn an income.

Subhash Piullai

She doesn’t look confident with that yellow dress. The police has securing the place when she comes. Her mom was very proud of her. But, his dad was an egotistical person and leave them alone Two years later, she looks bossy with that black dress.

Prilli Putri

“I’m impressed by your childlike curiosity.” “It was great seeing everyone looking so youthful today” “It’s a bit childish, but I drink warm milk at night.” “Your son is too young to watch this film at the cinema.”” “I know it’s immature, but I can’t stop laughing when the instructor says certain words in class” “This is very juvenile behavior for someone your age.


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