Listening Skills

One of the most crucial abilities you may have is the ability to listen. How well you listen has a significant impact on your job performance and the quality of your interpersonal interactions.

Consider the following example:

  • We listen in order to gather information.
  • We listen in order to comprehend.
  • We listen to have fun.
  • We listen in order to gain knowledge.

You may increase your productivity, as well as your capacity to influence, convince, and bargain, by improving your listening skills. You’ll also prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. All of these are crucial for success in the profession!

English Filament is one of the best websites which has been facilitating learners and teachers in the field of English Language teaching and learning in its best capacity. In this section of listening, users will find almost the overall aspect of language in audio form like-

  • Conversation/dialogue on any situations
  • Academic lectures of any sciences
  • Storytelling
  • Short News
  • Documentary
  • Tips on wellness/beauty
  • Cooking related Instructions
  • Different Sciences and  Theories
  • Motivational Speech
  • Debate
  • Interview
  • Announcement

We provide Lesson Plans for all activities so that teachers may implement them in their classrooms properly. Teachers are encouraged to follow the lesson plan (PDF) attached along with each audio for teaching listening skills.

For Teaching and Learning Listening Skills-

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