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English Filament

Since the inception of English Filament, April 2020, it has been growing dramatically in the field of ESL,EFL and TESOL. English Filament is an amazing virtual land where the learner can find graded, interesting and engaging materials for their learning.

The Team member of this virtual learning platform are highly educated and experienced in English Language Teaching.

These English trainers and ESL professionals drop their valuable suggestions and produce a variety of teaching materials on English Filament. The team is passionate to provide better quality ESL, EFL learning materials to educate learners of English as a second language and English as a foreign language.

It is our honour to create such a wonderful ingredient for efficient leaning. Hopefully, these materials would be engaging and motivating to learn the LANGUAGE of Shakespeare. We squeeze our best efforts to make learning enjoyable and meaningful by cutting all the barriers and obstructions laying on the way of learning.

Our Mission

  • We develop innovative tools, techniques and methods to enable language learning faster and more reliable.
  • English Filament believes that social, scientific and psychological development of language learning must be the primary consideration while producing the study materials.
  • Our website leverages the element of fun to achieve the next level results – where students and instructors see and feel measurable progress.
  • We also know the approaches and methods provided to language instructors have a great significance as much as provided to students. We facilitate trainers with the comprehensive reporting features needed to improve the language program.
  • we also aim to maximise the usability of Learners’ time,  money and values who generally walk to and fro in the quest of the right materials for their efficient learning but finally, they get frustrated.

We ensure that the learning Tips, activities, lessons, worksheets, articles, quizzes, and ideas would be helpful to every user of this website. Our mission is to offer a better quality teaching and learning inputs in the most cost-effective way to benefit the students of English.

The Team English Filament is committed to providing standard level service to its users. Our members strongly believe that this website really makes a difference in the experience of students by developing their love of learning.

English Filament welcomes your suggestions or feedback to reach this website to the next level.
We look forward to sharing our Teaching attitude and skills with you.

Feel free to contact us via the ‘contact us page’

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