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Grammar is the study of words, how they are used in sentences, and how they change in different situations.It is a system of rules that defines the grammatical structure of a language.

English grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and the structure of whole texts.

We can say that Grammar is the study of how words change their form and combine with other words to make sentences.

Here we read different parts of the grammar.You can find all parts of English grammar with their Rules,Structures,and Practice Set.After reading it you will able to solve any grammatical Questions in a very easy way.So let’s learn.

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  1. Parts of Speech.
  2. Kinds of Sentences.
  3. Use of Verb To Be {Is, Am, Are}
  4. Tenses.
    1. Present Indefinite Tense.
    2. Present Continuous Tense.
    3. Present Perfect Tense.
    4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
    5. Past Indefinite Tense.
    6. Past Continuous Tense.
    7. Past Perfect Tense.
    8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense.
    9. Future Indefinite Tense.
    10. Future Continuous Tense.
    11. Future Perfect Tense.
    12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense.
    13. Imperative Sentence.
    14. Modals.
  5. Voices {Active and Passive Voice}
    1. Basic Rules Of Voices {Active and Passive Voice}
    2. Present Indefinite Tense.
    3. Present Continuous Tense.
    4. Present Perfect Tense.
    5. Past Indefinite Tense.
    6. Past Continuous Tense.
    7. Past Perfect Tense.
    8. Future Indefinite Tense.
    9. Future Perfect Tense.
    10. Imperative Sentence.
    11. Modals.
  6. Narration {Direct and Indirect}
    1. Basic Rules for Direct and Indirect Narration.
    2. Assertive Sentence.
    3. Interrogative Sentence.
    4. Imperative Sentence.
    5. Exclamatory Sentence.
    6. Optative Sentence.