If I were You

If I Were You.


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This play is about a playwright named Gerrard. It discovers how he escapes being killed by an intruder who wants to steal his identity and live peacefully. Gerrard was a playwright. When he was about to leave his house to deliver props for a rehearsal, an intruder entered his home with a gun, to kill Gerrard and live on his identity. The intruder had already assassinated somebody, and so was wanted by the police.

That is why he thought of stealing Gerrard’s identity to live peacefully. To imitate him well, he wanted to know details about him before finishing him off. So in order to save himself, Gerrard said that he himself was a criminal, so if the intruder stole his identity, even then he would be chased by the cops, and hanged finally. He disclosed that he too had killed someone and the police had evidence against him.

He further added that he was carrying false mustaches and other props so that he could disguise himself and hide from the police. In order to take him in confidence, he fooled him by addressing the call for rehearsal props as the call from his crime partner to alert him regarding the police raid. Gerrard further fooled the intruder to believe him by saying that if the intruder felt that Gerrard was lying, he could kill him.

So, as the phone rang, Gerrard said that it was time to leave. When the intruder didn’t believe him, he asked him to check himself by looking out through the door of the garage, which actually was a cupboard door. As soon as the intruder bent to check out the presence of police, Gerrard pushed him inside to lock him up. Then he put up the call and apologized to the person on the next side for his inability to deliver the props at right time. He further asked that person to send the sergeant who was their common friend.


Answer these questions –

1) Who enters Gerrard’s cottage?

Answer : An intruder enters Gerrard’s cottage .

2) Why did the intruder enters Gerrard’s cottage?

Answer : He wanted to kill Gerrard and disguise himself as Gerrard .

3) How did Gerrard react to find the intruder in his room?

Answer : He was cool and calm to see the intruder in his room.

4) What did Gerrard told the intruder about his childhood?

Answer : Gerrard told the intruder that in childhood he was stolen by Gypsies.

5) What did intruder tell Gerrard about his speciality?

Answer : Intruder told Gerrard that his speciality was jewel robbery.

6) What did the intruder want to know of Gerrard?

Answer : The intruder wanted to know of Gerrard, how he talk, and met people.

7) What was the Christian name of Gerrard?

Answer : The Christian name of Gerrard was Vincent Charles.

8) Why did the intruder want to hurt but not to kill Gerrard?

Answer : The intruder wanted to hurt and extract his desired information before killing Gerrard.

9) Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on?

Answer : The intruder chooses Gerrard because he came to know through the people that he never used to meet anyone and nobody knew much of him, so it was very easy for him to steal Gerrard’s identity and live peacefully.

10) “A mystery I propose to explain.” What is the mystery the speaker proposes to explain?

Answer : Gerrard created a mysterious atmosphere by making the intruder believe that he himself was a criminal and the cops are behind him. So, even if the intruder stole his identity , he’ll be hanged in any case.

Content Writer- Vaishnavi Tripathi…… Edited by- Shadab Akhtar.

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