Imperative Sentence

imperative Sentence

An imperative sentence is a type of sentence that gives instructions or advice and expresses a command, an order, a direction, or a request. 

Use of Imperative Sentence

  • We use Imperative Sentence-

To give an Order.


  1. Bring your book.
  2. Shut the door.
  3. Learn your lesson.

To Request.


  1. Please bring water.
  2. Kindly, keep silent. 
  3. Please help me.
  1.  To Advise.


  1. Work hard to get success.
  2. Control your anger.
  3. Help the needy.
  1.  To Suggest.


  1. Let us play cricket.
  2. Let us go home now.
  3. Let us wait for the next bus.

You is considered as the Subject of the Imperative Sentence but we do not write the Subject in imperative Sentence. But for the Possessive case, we use Your.


  1. Show me your project.
  2. Call your father.
  3. DO your work timely.

Affirmative Sentence.


Verb + Object + Place + Time


  1. Call the servant here.
  2. Drink boiled water.
  3. Write an essay on population.

If there is Please, Kindly and Always etc in an Imperative Sentence, we start the sentence with these words instead of Verb.

Please/Kindly/Always + Verb + Object + Place + Time


  1. Kindly help me.
  2. Please give me your book to read.
  3.  Always obey your parents.

If there is suggestion in an Imperative Sentence-

Let + Us + Verb + Object + Place + Time


  1. Let us go there.
  2. Let us play hockey.
  3. Let us wait for the next bus.

If there is a name in an Imperative Sentence or someone is addressed,we write those words either in the starting or end of the sentence by using a comma.


  1. Ravi, stand up.
  2. Please sit down, gentlemen.
  3. Come here, Mohan.

Negative Sentence. 


Do not + Verb + Object + Time


  1. Do not insult anyone.
  2. Do not close the window at night.
  3. Do not cut the tree.

If there is Please in the negative sentence we write it before Do Not.


  1. Please do not disturb me.
  2. Please do not kill the bird.
  3. Please give me some food t eat.


  • Translate the following sentences into Hindi.
  1. Go there and stand up.
  2. Bring your book.
  3. Please help the poor.
  4. Let us wait for the next train.
  5. Take the medicine timely.
  6. Please help us.
  7. Boys,look at the sky.
  8. Call the children to eat food.
  9. Obey the traffic rules.
  10. Write an essay on Pollution.
  11. Please do not insult the poor.
  12. Do not kill the animals.
  13. Do not cut the tree.
  14. Ram, do not make a noise in the class.
  15. Please do not abuse anyone.
  16. Do not leave anyone helpless.
  17. Do not punish us.
  18. Do not waste your time.
  19. Please do not drink and drive.
  20. Do not hurt anyone.

Content WriterMohammad Anas.….. Edited by– Shadab Akhtar.

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