First Draft writing Samples: Self-Introduction

first draft


This page is created for the purpose so that learners can improve their writing skills. These are examples of the first draft of the learners. They are supposed to correct their grammatical and lexical error/mistakes in their second and final draft. 

Hello everyone
I am Rafat Anzar and my father’s name is X haque. I live in muzaffarpur (Bihar). I like painting and read the urdu novels. My first goal is to learn english and second is to succeed in UPSC.


My name is XY. My father’s name is Mir Rashad Ali. I am studying at MANU. My main subject are islamic studies and English literature. My hobbies are reading, drawing, watching movies and baking. I love traveling. My goal is to make my parents happy and achieve something that will make me and my parents proud. 


My name is Afifa. I’m from (Mau) U.P. I’m pursuing  my graduation from XYZ University and I’m in my 2nd year. My father’s name is XZ .and his occupation is weaving. My hobbies are cooking,reading, story writing,cycle riding. I can teach kids . I have achieved two certificate ,one award and three time scholarship. I want to be a good and honest civil servant.


Asslamo alaikum everyone I am S Akhtar from mau . And I am pursuing  graduation  XZUuniversity and I pass out high  school and intermediate  from muslim inter college mau . And my father’s name Mr. Shamim A and he is a good weaver and also power loom engineer . And my hobby scating riding, treveling , wathcing movies and also playing football. And my fevorite actor srk and amir khan and I like both actor . and my skill  paiting , architecture design . And I want make a best civil servant of India and this is my life aim .  If I could not  qualify upsc exam  so I will married  govermrnt jobs women and I make a househusband.


Hello, Assalamualaikum everyone! Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Zaid Afrin.  My father name is Z. Alam I’m from Kishanganj, (Bihar).In my family Apart from me I have my parents and three elder brothers. Let me tell you about my schooling,  I have completed my Intermediate from +2 National High school (Bihar). And now I’m persuing graduation From Maulana Azad National Urdu University (Hyderabad). My hobbies are Reading, Learn new thing, listening music and also I love to play volleyball. 🏐 The biggest desire in my life, I became to a government officer. In my State Bihar Stand a BPSC ( Civil services). I want to cleared that and became an honest and hard working officer. That’s All about me. Thank you so much.


First Draft: Importance of Colors

We know that colours are present all around us and are involved in every aspect of our life. Life would have been dull and meaningless without colours.
   My Favourite colour is pink. Because the  pink colour makes me cool down and also It’s make me feel pleasure. That’s why I like this colour too much. And also pink colour is known as the coolest colour.
 So, we can say that, each colour has it’s own speciality. And similarly all colours play an important role in our life.

Zaid Afrin


The beauty of the world is the existence of colors. If it were not for that, the world would be completely colourless. Color awakens the feeling in our life in every way, if the world is not colorful then the feeling of everything  will disappear. My favorite color is blue. Because I love the sky and the sea so I like blue. 

Rafat Anzar

Black colour shows negativity ,dangerous power and undisciplined . This colour knows negative power .but I don’t trust that if we use black colour so we make negative person .this colour shows sadness.shiya people wear black dress when they sad .when the people sad then they like darkness .
Black colour marks the secret .this colour shows sadness, tired,and safety.and black colour also shows Rich men wear black and blue colour.
I like black colour because I think ,I see nice in this colour .l like nakab ,mobile phone , shoes,bags ,pen and earphones in black colour .I like house  buildings,and masjid in White colour .because I feel light in white colour.l like  tawel ,bad sheet and kitchen in light or White colour.


Colors play an important role in our daily life. It has great effects on a person’s psychology and emotions. A single shade can have different emotional effects. For example red colour, red roses make a person feel happy or make them blush, or express love but red color also indicates danger as in ambulance. This way 1 color can have different meanings. Colors give a creative, more understanding and bright life to humans. 
My favorite color is pink. The shades can differ when it comes to the subject. Like for a dress I love baby pink shade more and for smart phone it will magenta. It’s my favorite color because it suits me very well and catches my attention while shopping anything, be it be shoes, stole, comforter, bag anything. So it just became my favorite color😄


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