Lesson Plan: My Favorite Festival

Lesson Plan

Time Duration: 60 Minutes

Level of the Students: Early Intermediate

Age Group: 13 Average

Teaching Aids: Pictures, Video, Text for reading etc.


  1. Enabling Objectives
  2. Terminal Objectives

Enabling Objectives-SWBAT

  • Listening:Grasp the substance and central idea of what is heard
  • Speaking: Describe what he/she watched and listened in the video
  • Describe what they watched in the video
  • Reading:Understand the theme and central idea of the given text
  • Identify and understand the sentences and phrases in the group.
  • Writing:Write a paragraphs, description of sth/sb., narrative pieces, messages, diary etc. accurately

Terminal Objectives-Can

  • Listening: Understand the radio broadcast and T.V program
  • Understand the meaning of words phrases and sentences in the context.
  • Speaking:converse in familiar social situations
  • use appropriate word stress, sentence stress and elementary intonation patterns
  • Reading: solve the reading comprehension exercise.
  • read any fiction and nonfiction text, of their level, with good understanding.
  • Writing: make notes and summary of certain text
  • identify and correct the grammatical errors and punctuations

Warm-up 4-6 minutes

First, the teacher will build a rapport with students by greeting them. Then teacher will split the class of 16 into two teams of 8 and give the different coloured markers to each team. Teacher will draw a line in the middle of the board. At the top of the board on both sides of the line,

The teacher will write the topic like colours (on left), Snacks (on the right). Each student must write one word in their respective column in the form of a relay race. Each team will get one point for each correct word any word that is unreadable and misspelt won’t be counted. The team which will get more marks relay race will be declared as the winner.

Context Setting 5-7 minutes

Students will study the pictures given below. The teacher will ask students to guess what the children are doing in the given picture. Students will start to think and try to connect themselves to the topic. Then they share their views among the class.

Actual Content 30-35 minutes

After the context setting, the teacher will facilitate the students with a video clip so that the teacher can connect the learners to the topic easily.

Students will watch the video carefully. They will get acquainted with the particular vocabulary, phrases and expressions with proper tone stress and intonation. The teacher can play a video clip by clicking the below link-




While Activities

Listemning: Understanding the video (5-7 M)

  • Tell me what this video is talking about?
  • How many festivals are shown in the video?
  • What topic will you suggest for the video?

Reading: Comprehending the given text- (4-6- M)

Paragraph for reading comprehension

Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Rama was the prince of Ayodhya. He killed the evil king Ravana in a battle to get back his wife Sita. He then came back to Ayodhya to become an ideal king. Diwali celebrates this victory of Rama.

All the houses are cleaned and painted for the occasion. People spend the whole day in decorating their shops and homes. Colourful sweets and chocolates are displayed outside shops. Everyone goes for an outing to the market in their new dresses. The houses are decorated with lights, candles, mud lamps, paper festoons and colorful rangoli.

The best part comes in the evening. All the lamps and candles are lit. The whole town looks like a fairy tale land. All around one can hear the sounds of crackers being burst. People greet each other happily and exchange sweets.

  • Who did come back to Ayothya to become an ideal King?
  • Which Goddess is worshiped on Diwali?
  • Why is Diwali celebrated?
  • What people do at home and shop on this occasion?


The teacher will split the students into 4 groups. Each group will be provided with a picture to study for 1 minute. Then they share their opinion on it among the class. ( 6-8 M)


Write sentences or a short note on Diwali by using the following words and phrases (not more than 60 words Time: 5 M).

Light, love and affection, neat and clean, prayer and worship, delight, relatives, temple, decoration mud lamp. Children, sweets.


Fill in the blanks the most appropriate words from given brackets. 5 M

Diwali is……… (crucial/one of the most important) festivals of….(a/the) Hindus. It is…….. (Celebrated/celebrating) with great enthusiasm throughout India. It marks the victory of Rama….. (upon/over) Ravana. As a matter of….. (fact/true), Diwali is… (the/a) symbol of the victory of the forces of good over….. (Evil/ bad).

On the day of Diwali there are…….. (Many /hectic/overloaded) activities all over the country. People ….Called/call and……. invite/invited their nearest and…… (dearest/close) ones. …..At/On this festival, sweets are …. (Prepared/make) and distributed…….. (among/between) friends and relatives.

Recapitulation or post teaching

“Diwali is the festival of light over darkness and victory over the evils” elaborate the statement in your own words. 6-8 M

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