Reading Comprehension A0 Series

Reading Skills

Instruction: Read the below passage and answer the questions

Passage 1

Anas is an artist.

He draws the table.

 He draws the moon

He draws the house

Check yourself

Passage 2

Dinesh is at a restaurant. He eats Biryani. He eats cake. He also eats ice cream. Dinesh likes pizza and burgers. He hates fish and pork.

Passage 3

Adil is a chef. He cooks chicken. He cooks Biryani. Does he also make mutton Biryani?

Passage 4

Ben works on a farm.
He grows corn.
He grows peas.
He grows carrots.

Passage 5

Tom is going on a trip to the mountains.
Tom needs to take his bag. The bag is brown. The bag is small
and brown. Tom opens the bag. Tom wants to put things in the bag. Tom wants to pack his
bag. Tom puts a toothbrush in the bag.
Tom puts a map in the bag.
Tom puts boots in the bag.
Tom puts a camera in the bag.
Tom puts a book in the bag.
Tom closes the bag. But the bag cannot close!
Tom takes the boots out of the bag. He puts them on his feet.
Snap! Snap!
Now the bag can close. Tom is ready to go!

Passage 6

My father is a construction worker. He builds houses. He builds schools. He builds houses and schools. He uses a hammer and a saw. My brother is an engineer. He designs buildings. He designs bridges. He designs buildings and bridges. He uses a pencil and a calculator. My son is an athlete. He plays soccer. He plays tennis. He plays soccer and tennis. He uses a racket and a ball. My daughter is an artist. She draws pictures of animals. She draws pictures of
people. She draws pictures of animals and people. She uses a pencil and a piece of paper.

Passage 7

Javed wants a dog. He walks to the pet store. Javed sees the animals at the pet store. He sees the cats. He sees the rabbits. He sees the birds. He sees the mice. He sees the dogs. “How much does the dog cost?” Javed says. “Twenty rupees,” the man says. Javed gives the man twenty

Passage 8

Rabiya likes to make cookies. She makes chocolate cookies. She makes nut cookies. Rabiya makes chocolate and nut cookies. Rabiya likes to make cakes. She makes yellow cakes. She makes white cakes. Rebecca makes yellow and white cakes. Rabiya likes to make pies. She makes apple pies. She makes lemon pies. Rabiya makes apple and lemon pies.

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