English Speaking Course| Elementry Level -A2

Course: English Speaking Course for A2 Elementary Level Indian Students


  • To develop intermediate English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, at the A2 level
  • To enable learners to use English in a variety of everyday situations, such as socializing, shopping, travelling, and expressing opinions
  • To enhance learners’ confidence and accuracy in using English

Course Duration: 12 weeks (2 hours per class, 2 classes per week)

Week 1: Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other

  • Introduction to the course and syllabus
  • Basic conversation skills (e.g. greetings, introducing oneself)
  • Expressing opinions and ideas about personal interests

Week 2: Talking About the Past

  • Simple past tense for talking about past events
  • Vocabulary for common past activities (e.g. hobbies, sports, vacations)
  • Asking and answering questions about past experiences

Week 3: Describing People and Places in More Detail

  • Adjectives for describing people and places
  • Comparatives and superlatives (e.g. bigger, more beautiful)
  • Giving and following directions

Week 4: Making Plans and Arrangements

  • Vocabulary for common activities (e.g. going out, making plans)
  • Modal verbs for making suggestions and invitations (e.g. can, should, let’s)
  • Time expressions and prepositions (e.g. on, at, in)

Week 5: Food and Eating Out

  • Vocabulary for food and drinks (e.g. cuisine, ingredients)
  • Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Expressing preferences and dietary restrictions

Week 6: Traveling and Tourism

  • Vocabulary for transportation and travel (e.g. airport, hotel)
  • Making travel arrangements (e.g. booking tickets, hotels)
  • Talking about different tourist attractions and sights

Week 7: Talking About the Future

  • Vocabulary for future plans and predictions
  • Future tense for talking about future events
  • Making predictions about the future

Week 8: Relationships and Emotions

  • Vocabulary for describing relationships and emotions (e.g. love, anger, happiness)
  • Expressing feelings and emotions in conversations
  • Giving and receiving advice

Week 9: Technology and Social Media

  • Vocabulary for technology and social media (e.g. smartphone, social networking)
  • Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of technology
  • Expressing opinions about technology and social media

Week 10: Work and Business

  • Vocabulary for work and business (e.g. office, job interview)
  • Talking about work and career goals
  • Negotiating and making deals in business

Week 11: Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Review of basic grammar (e.g. subject-verb agreement, noun and article usage)
  • Intermediate sentence structure (e.g. complex sentences, relative clauses)
  • Practicing different sentence types and structures

Week 12: Review and Assessment

  • Review of course material
  • Assessment of learner progress and achievement
  • Feedback and recommendations for continuing English language learning

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