English Speaking Course|Intermediate Level -B1

Course: English Speaking Course for B1 Intermediate Level Indian Students


  • To develop intermediate-level English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, at the B1 level
  • To enable learners to use English effectively in a variety of personal and professional situations
  • To build learners’ confidence and proficiency in using English

Course Duration: 12 weeks (2 hours per class, 2 classes per week)

Unit 1: Introductions and Small Talk

  • Introducing oneself and others
  • Talking about personal and professional interests and hobbies
  • Initiating and maintaining small talk in various social contexts

Unit 2: Describing People and Places

  • Describing people’s physical appearance and personalities
  • Talking about places and their features
  • Making comparisons and contrasts

Unit 3: Everyday Activities and Routines

  • Talking about daily routines and habits
  • Describing activities and events in the past, present, and future
  • Using time expressions and adverbs of frequency

Unit 4: Food and Drink

  • Talking about food and drink preferences
  • Ordering food and drinks in restaurants and cafes
  • Describing recipes and cooking techniques

Unit 5: Travel and Tourism

  • Talking about travel experiences and plans
  • Describing tourist attractions and landmarks
  • Asking for and giving directions

Unit 6: Health and Wellbeing

  • Talking about health and fitness routines
  • Describing symptoms and seeking medical help
  • Discussing healthy lifestyle choices

Unit 7: Technology and Social Media

  • Discussing the impact of technology on daily life
  • Describing social media platforms and their features
  • Using technology-related vocabulary and phrases

Unit 8: Work and Careers

  • Talking about work and career goals and aspirations
  • Describing job roles and responsibilities
  • Discussing workplace issues and challenges

Unit 9: Cultural Awareness

  • Understanding cultural differences and similarities
  • Discussing cultural customs and traditions
  • Developing cultural sensitivity and awareness

Unit 10: Current Affairs and News

  • Reading and discussing news articles and stories
  • Understanding and using vocabulary related to current affairs
  • Developing critical thinking and analysis skills

Unit 11: Debating and Persuasion

  • Developing persuasive and argumentative skills
  • Using language to persuade and convince others
  • Debating current issues and topics

Unit 12: Review and Assessment

  • Review of course material
  • Assessment of learner progress and achievement
  • Feedback and recommendations for continuing English language learning

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