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Write in your journal, and share it in discussion if you wish: Which company/business is having the greatest impact in the world today, either positive or negative? Explain your response. Or How do you think email has affected communication? Do you hate it? Love it? Explain your response.

I believe social medias such as Emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. has the greatest impact in today’s world, it can be both positive and native. They all can help businesses to grow. I myself I promote my business on Instagram and it gets people to see it. On the other hand, it can be negative as well.


I believe Instagram and Facebook are having the greatest impact in the world today. This is because they are global businesses that can be accessed through a mobile phone, which can be taken anywhere with an individual. They are highly accessible to most individuals living in first world countries, and have been designed in such a way to keep people using these applications daily on a regular basis. I think there are both positive and negative aspects of these applications. They can be used as an extremely successful business tool. It allows quick and easy communication with potential customers and is a free way to advertise. Whilst it is a positive tool for businesses I believe it can have negative effects on individuals in terms of mental health, productivity, and emotional well-being.Email has made communication much quicker and easier. It has allowed people to communicate globally within seconds. It also means communication can occur even when individuals are not physically present, it’s something they can respond to later. It keeps a record of communication which can be highly helpful. Additionally, it allows mass information to be spread quickly and easily. I think it is an incredibly useful tool


Email has affected the way we communicate for better or worse. We can communicate in quicker and faster ways then ever before. Because of this, we do not take the time to really sit and decide what we want to say. Instead we are in a fast pace society, writing quick responses. Our inboxes are full and exploding and we barely have time to read anything. Gone are the days where one covets a letter and holds onto it and keeps it in a shoe box and rereads it. Those days are nostalgic for the folks that lived through that time. It seems like it was more of a thoughtful time.


In my opinion, digital marketing having greatest impact in the world today. We are living in the era of 5G, where digital communication has become tools to promote the product and services. Digital marketing promote the products/services in such a way like you have never seen before. Once you search anything on any website it will store your information, and it will remind you whenever you login next time. This trigger you to buy their product and services. That’s why digital marketing having greatest impact.


Email has become a stunning breakthrough in faster communication. Email’s ways in the communication process have turned unimaginable whose simplicity can reduce billions of dollars and save enormous time for usual works of people from all walks of life. Moreover, people can sort and categorise correspondences without the hassle to check written papers by using email tools in certain browsers. Furthermore, business, official or important documents can be transmitted instantly without waiting and it can prevent losses due to regular mail delivery. In the end, email gives commensurate with ability in this 4.0 digital age and establishes new corporations and forefronts not conceivable thirty years ago


McDonald’s creates a better business system for self-service and efficiency with fast responding processes with lower costs, cheaper sets and the most famous fast-food chain in the world. The model of McDonald’s continues to expand and give an excellent resemblance for other enterprises to study and pursue their future entrepreneurship. In addition, McDonald’s has been kept a success internationally for endless years with its persistent business model flows. To account for, its tastes remain highly identical regardless of which country people order in is a reputable testament to the company’s long and prosperous history. Hence, McDonald’s is irrefutable enterprise to contribute one of greatest impact in the world today.


Amazon has had an awful impact as it monopolized book selling. This is not a nostalgic claim –but I will not deny it has something of it– in favor of little bookstores, but a pragmatic view on how things happened. First, amazon erased nearly all the local bookstores by offering an impossible-to-compete wide catalog; then, as people needed a place to touch books and see them – even smell them– they began building amazon bookstores. This process represented loss of jobs, but more importantly, loss of cultural spaces of encounter, dialogue and community building.


The pass few years emailing has become a tool that we used for a lot of thing such as schools, work, talking to someone, etc. It has done something good and bad to our commute; the good thing is that is much easier to communiaction much faster (something), but it has also made us some how lazy to just tell some something that not even a mile away from you.


Apple has the most impact because everyone loves using apple devices. The positive impact of Apple is that it brings people happiness and something to do when they’re bored. The negative impact of Apple is that they caused teenagers and little kids to get addicted of going on their phones every day. This has a negative impact on their academic learning


Let’s face it, we could not live without email. Email allows us to quickly communicate to one or to many. It allows organizations to quickly disseminate safety recall information to thousands of their customers worldwide. It allows me to reach out to my mom every morning for a quick pick-me-up, or to provide an update to my boss on the status of our project, and also has the benefit of keeping a “paper trail” so that there is a record of what was agreed to, by whom, and by when. It provides a way to have asynchronous conversations between colleagues and friends. It’s also free for most of us so long as we have access to the internet.

However, I find that even with all those benefits, email is often over-used. Because there is no cost to adding another person to the email, we often get way more emails than we need. Companies rely on email marketing messages that clog our in-boxes and make it hard to find messages of real importance. From a business perspective, I encourage you to really think about who needs to receive your email and only include those people on your message. Do not copy people just for the sake of copying them. A quick phone call may get you a response sooner than waiting for your email to be read and responded to. Plus, the personal touch of hearing and responding to someone’s voice helps to build trust and the relationship far better than a faceless email. I think the rise of email and texting has made it uncomfortable for some to use their phone for talking. Instead of that next email you plan to send, call that person! I bet you will both enjoy the conversation.


The idea of a faster communication platform is fascinating. The email revolution brought the 90’s acceleration area that we know today as our society baseline, basically we can reach everyone and every business or service within a keyboard distance. Keyboards can be found on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and game devices that are now based on Artificial intelligence and fast learning algorithms, providing an incredible user friendly experience. Not only people don’t need to wait letters to arrive on the mail, but became connected with the free-wifi revolution. Surfing the web, buying products and choosing services are now activities based on how connected those business are. Some younger generations are currently meeting or matching with loved ones based on their profile bios and preferences announced on dating apps. I am wondering if whoever sent the first email hat a glance on how far human society was about to change, writing was about to be challenged into a more updated way to deliver messages, tweets are some of the favorite ways to communicate nowadays and I strongly believe that 280 characters are not much. I celebrate the freedom of writing, as much as I respect and acknowledge the connectivity boost and benefits on human society for the past decades, but i like to preserve my critical thinking on what is behind small talking online and how truly those words represents our 2022 needs.


I love emails. Not only did it became a breakthrough of a faster communication, I think emails has also taught us to be organized. Through emails, you can sort and group correspondences without the hassle of checking written paper one by one and sorting them to whichever group of documents they belong. It has also become easier to find documents by simply clicking the search bar and typing what type of email you want to retrieve. Through emails, we are now able to transmit communications instantly without the hassle and delays of post mails. I personally am really happy to be able to live in an environment where email is the norm.


Email has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Today Email is still the favourite tool to communicate with customers, stakeholders, and internal. However, the overuse of email has become a problem for everyone in the workplace. It not only reduces the effectiveness of communication but also we get less response. With emerge of automation technology, email effectiveness has been reduced. We only use Email when it is absolutely necessary.


I either do not hate the email or love it as well. I prefer using email for business, such as contracts, invoice confirmation, the promply commitment between two parties, or the proof of confirmation between two or more in that group included. I genuinely do not have any belief in Email Marketing nowaday. It can be helpful at the beginning after you sign up for a new account. Then everyone will unsubscribe after one or two of the forms as an Email Marketing. As a marketer, I would like to find a new way to approach my client simultaneously, and they also feel comfortable when receiving my information such as discounts, new launching products,etc.


For not even 60 years have humans lived in the presence of email and yet it is already taken for granted. Gon are the days of waiting endlessly for documents to be shared. Gone are the days of waiting months for return correspondence from an overseas friend, only to find that your message was lost in a shipwreck off of Midway. Email, truly, has streamlined the communication process in ways almost unimaginable, despite its inherent simplicity. Without email, entire industries that rely on instant communication would fail. Trillions of dollars would rush out of the economy, and more than likely, lives could even be lost. In a world now dominated by instant communication and even quicker gratification, it is easy to hop onto the email hating bandwagon that bashes it for not being as simple and in some cases user-friendly as texting. However, email has proven tantamount to society’s ability to progress into a digital age and develop new industries and forefronts not imaginable only fifty years ago.


A company that comes to my mind with great impact in the world is Coca Cola. The company has been around for more than hundred years and known worldwide. Coca Cola affects the world more negatively. It affects Health based on it’s sugary drinks which leads to obesity. Climate stability and a healthy ecosystem are also important in discussing the negative impact of the company.


Emails have had a tremendous impact on our society, especially in the business environment. Do I hate it? No, not really. Like life there’s always a positive and negative effect. The positive – We’re able to communicate quickly. Messages can be relayed to our family and friends immediately. We can apply for jobs through emails and businesses can send messages to their clients directly, and responses are relayed rapidly. No longer, do we have to wait for messages to be delivered by post that usually takes 2 – 3 days. Oh, and the cost of purchasing stamps and envelopes have dwindled, we’re now saving money. So what about the negative? Getting back to what I mentioned above, this means the post office has been affected tremendously, the purchase of stamps have fallen which can jeopardize the future of postal workers. What about emails that are sent accidentally without proofing? With the touch of that button “send” we realize only too late that a message was sent unintentionally. Oops, confidential information was sent out without thinking. It happened to me and there was no way I could go back and retrieve that data. I had nightmares for days. I’ve actually seen where people quit their job via email. What use to be a formal process turned into an informal process. I can’t say if that’s positive or negative. I think I have a love/hate relationship with emails. I love that I can follow up with an order via email and I can save photos, etc. on my email that means I don’t have to worry about a lot of loose paper lying around everywhere nor do I have to worry about file cabinets. So, I guess we can say emails are space savers. Although email responses can be much quicker than mail, I hate all of the junk mail and spam mail that comes along with it. I’m constantly cleaning up my email box, some days there’s tons of junk mail. Let’s not forget there’s always somebody out there there attempting to hack your email account, definitely scary knowing somebody can have access to all of your personal and confidential information. Let’s just say with emails, we have The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, but I’m sure we will all agree The Good outweighs The Bad and The Ugly.


The email communication became so indispensable and very handful that we are not aware how it involved to our daily life. this is one of the first things we are doing every morning, checking our email and sometimes we can stuck there answering emails. Fast moving fingers and the sound of keyboard is in every angle of cafeteria, starbucks,library and at your home now. As for me one of the negative sides of emails is lack of authenticity, if to be more spesific when we are sending an email we inclined to be more professional with formal words, and it always seemed to me that we are only on surface and slightly moving from one to another email. As i mentioned its very convinient to reply and move. On the other hand of course it saves our time, but i think also the positive side is in mostly situations we dont want to hurt someone or show ourselves in a bad manner, in writing email we are less emotional and more rational rather than phone communication.


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