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English Grammar

Let me share the opinion and experiences of English language learners regarding the correct use of language.

I think grammar is an umbrella term in language. Though it can be taught at a certain level for second language learners it is a long process to achieve perfection. If learners got to know the nuts and bolts of language along with the function of different tenses, it is highly recommended to consume only standard pieces of audio-visual and written text. An inductive approach to learning grammar is the best way for the advanced level of learners. # Standard consumption leads to standard production.


What I usually do is practicing is the best way and works for me every time, example if my friend will talk to me something that I do not know what it means then I ask him to explain it to me and practice it with him. Though he knows me my English is second language, and he always helps me.


On top of reading and writing, I usually informally teach my relatives how to correctly use English grammar. That way I am forced to think carefully before instructing others in the language.


Practice makes fit. To improve one’s writing ability, which includes with correct grammar, as for me, is to read an article and summarise the main points of the article in less than one hundred words. This helps to meet two requirements – reading English and practice writing.

Shubash Pillai

Rather than studying Grammar, you should create an environment so that Grammar naturally settles in your head. I read books, watch TV, or expose myself to various English environments.


A way to practice your grammar is to keep on talking with people about challenging subjects and use challenging vocabulary. With this new vocabulary, apply the grammar to them.


Most often, it is easy to recommend or provide advice. I am not a native speaker, but I have been working studying and working in English language from childhood. However, I think I am not yet where I would like to be in terms of writing. Based on what this course says and what I think, my uncertainty is due to the lack of reading. I have developed this bad habit of not following due writing processes. For instance I fail to understand my audience and focus on rushing to write something. I do not interrogate and fail to organise my ideas most of the time .


I use all of the basic ways to check my grammar. I use spell check on word and google translate. However, I would like to start using Grammerly.


Over the course of writing many essays, reports, and summaries for academics, I’ve found that, as opposed to writing everything at once, chunking my work by topic or by section is extremely beneficial for conveying my points/arguments in an efficient, understandable manner.


Most of the time my grammar dosen’t improve because it sounds correct but when someone else is reading it they catch things that might even sound better rather than wrong. I think getting my writing checked by anyone has helped me catch things I didn’t before.


I found the EDX’s English Grammar and Style course materials very useful. I took the course last year and it was an instructor-led course, so students had the opportunity to interact with the instructors in real time. After the course, I used the book “How Writing Works” by Roslyn Petelin, the course director for the course. My notes from the course and its Archived version, and Petelin’s book are my first line of resources for improving my grammar.


I think the only way to improve your grammar, is to read variety of writing styles. It will teach you correct use of grammar!


I think the most effective way to learn English grammar is to practice including various English grammar. By memorizing huge number of good sentences, we can naturally develop our English knowledge.


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