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How can you balance the desire to write interesting, meaningful ideas with the need to be grammatically correct? How important should grammar be?

I think grammar is more important. I am still struggling with it because I haven’t written any essays in the past 14 years. I think grammar is the foundation of writing. If one cannot be grammatically correct, the tones and ideas cannot be conveyed correctly. ..

by Fanfanz

Grammar in English is like singing a song with the correct tone and music. As such you cannot enjoy writing or reading writings in English that are grammatically incorrect.

by Shubash Pillai

I 100% think that grammar is important especially, in our everyday life. We use grammar to write letters, speak, etc. Grammar plays an important role in our lives.

by Eradine

A good story melds grammar and meaningful ideas. One cannot separate the two, a story that is funny without correct grammar will turn out to be a bore because the words will fail to make sense to the reader. It is a put-off if the writer of an otherwise good story didn’t pay attention to the choice of vocabulary, tone and diction. Such a piece of writing will sound like a beautiful woman with no social graces and a terrible way with words. For a story to be interesting and meaningful, it has to combine correct grammar with interesting ideas. It cannot be one or the other but both at the same time.

by Deborah Namala.

Grammar and meaning are inseparable concepts. Good grammar conveys your meaning and vice versa. There are many occasions when my bad grammar or my choice of words puts me in embarrassing situations.


One can balance the desire to write interesting, meaningful ideas with the need to be grammatically correct by writing about a topic that one is extremely passionate about. By writing in detail about a passion, it almost eliminates the exhausting feeling of needing to write in a formal tone. For example, I despise writing essays about books that was assigned for me to read. In contrast, I love writing essays about books that I have chosen to read. I find the process of writing essays about a book that I am passionate about to be more motivating and productive.


Fiction and non-fiction writing usually include quotes and conversations between characters. Often, people don’t speak in full sentences. They incorporate fragments, expletives, or interjections that break up their story or sentence. In addition, because characters get interrupted, or dramatic devices are used to stop a character’s speech, grammar is often sidelined. As a result, saying that every sentence in a piece of writing must be grammatically correct may actually create an unnatural reading environment. In addition, some writing styles, like poetry or report writing, require bulleting or point-form writing. E.E. Cumings would have been a boring read had all of his poems used punctuation and correct grammar. A report is more likely to get read if bullets are used instead of full paragraphs. No, not all writing needs correct grammar. However, the use of grammar is a lot like singing. Some people think they can sing until someone points out that they can’t. Many people think they are using grammar “right” until they are told they “ain’t”


The simple answer is to respond with “It takes time and with experience all will fall into place.” But to get there, and that is why enrolled, is to listen to what the experts tell us how to achieve interesting ideas and to work towards polished grammar in bringing across the message. To respond to the question to be grammatically correct, I would say it is still a necessity because it provides the backbone of expressing the message. Even though there are multiple grammar check programmes to use, the better and more natural it becomes when writing, the more you can concentrate on the content and ultimately achieve a higher standard of writing.

by…. Rieki

I think that anything you write other than a friendly text message should be grammatically correct at best. If you want anyone to take your ideas seriously, your writing should still be professional. Presenting ideas that are interesting and meaningful can still be overlooked if the presentation is lacking. …….

.by Taylor

Grammar is the base for any language like a pillar to a building. If we do not write grammatically correct English it does not make complete sense. It can show poor knowledge of the language.

…..by Satpal

I think to be able to write something that is meaningful you need good grammar, not only for that but for everything. Having grammar and improving your vocabulary makes your writing so much understandable and easy not the eye of the reader so yes, I think grammar is always going to be important.

by ….Stefy

It is essential to convey your message clearly and it is important to get your message across as strongly as possible. I think personally, that’s my motivation when writing; not writing just to write but making sure the importance of what I’m saying gets across with the way I am saying it.


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