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Special Experience Indian Movement

Summary, Theme Q&A and Character Sketch- class 12th UP board short story

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Today, I  will be covering the chapter ” The special Experience” written by Munshi Premchand.
It is expected that students will be able to-

  • comprehend the whole story
  • write a proper answer in the examination
  • feel the problem of poor Empathetically
  • write some essays based on patriotism.

I will be discussing the following points- which will give a better idea to understand the story and write the answer in the examination.

  • Summary of the story
  • Important question answer
  • Summary in Hindi
  • Understanding the story by (Video)
  • Keywords and phrases to write an effective answer
  • The theme of the chapter
  • Message and Quotations

Context and Background of the Story

The special experience’ is a story about the wife of a man who helps the freedom fighters and hence gets arrested. Her relatives refuse to support her when her husband is in jail. Her husband’s best friends takes her to his home.

Important Characters

Freedom fighters wife: a lady whose husband went to jail for the sake of the country

Gyan Babu: A school teacher who was the friend of the freedom fighter.

Gyan Babu’s wife: the lady with an iron will and a golden heart who helped the wife of the freedom fighter.

Summary of the Story: The Special Experience

A man jailed for one  year for a small offense

A man helped the freedom fighter by offering them Paan and Sharbat in a hot afternoon of May. He was arrested and imprisoned for one year for this act.

The Reaction of the man’s wife

The man’s wife who was present in the court, felt very proud of her husband she decided to take part in the freedom movement herself and vowed to follow satyagrah. She was full of patriotic feeling at that time

Women sought help from relatives

As the women was alone, she sent to telegram to her father’s and father-in-law. No one talked or sent letters for immediately. On the third day, letters came from them showing their anger and disappointment instead of offering her any help.

Her father in law was worried about his old age, and her father was worried about his due promotion. the woman was so disappointed that she tore the letters in discussed deciding never to write them again.

Help from husband’s best friend Gyan Babu

A true friend is always there for you in distress, so were Gyan Babu and his very affectionate wife. At that time, the woman was alone and quite sacred as she was being watched by two police detectives downstairs. A couple of to take her to their house.

The woman was a bit reluctant as she did not want to be a burden on them but affection and the caring attitude of Gyan Babu’s wife left her totally speechless. She agreed to go there house.

Gyan Babu was sent a way to bring tongas so that her whole stuff could be taken to their house. The woman was taken good care of by gan Babu’s wife and she showered lots of affection on the women like and elder sister.

Gayan Babu in Trouble

Some days Passed, police detectives shifted their watch to Gyan Babu’s house and perhaps reported about the woman stay to the police commissioner. The principle of Gyan Babu’s schools called Gyan Babu after a few days and told him to send that woman out of the house.

Babu had a quarrel with the principal over these issue. When Gyan Babunaratted this incident at home, his wife was quite quick enough to decide and told him to go and tell them the principal that he would better resign than sending to the young women away.

Concern Shown by the young woman

The next day, Gyan Babu’s wife told him to settle the matter with the principal. The young woman showed her concern about Gyan Babu’s job and said that she did not want to be a burden on them but, she was soothed by his wife who said that it was their duty and honour to help the wife of the person that had helped freedom fighters.

Gyan Babu’s Character Sketch


Gyan Babu was a school teacher and the best friend of the narrator’s husband who was sent to jail.

Gyan Babu as a helpful person

He was the helpful person when relatives of the narrator refused to help her, He came forward with his wife and offered shelter to her.

Nervous and Indecisive

Gyan Babu had been shown as a nervous and indecisive man who took hours to take small decisions. He appeared scared of his wife and subdued by the dominating overwhelmingly nature of his wife. He becomes nervous after having a quarrel with the school principal. He was inspired and encouraged by his wife.

Strong and Honest Person

Though encouraged by his wife, he took a bold decision to give his resignation instead of sending the narrator away. It is he who took the final decision without fearing about his consequences. He also emerged as an honest person. The police commissioner questioned him a lot but in the end he was given a clean chit.


He may be secondary to his wife’s character but he was an adorable one who respected his wife and honored his friendship.

Narrator’s Character sketch

The narrator of the story ‘The special experience’ is really a special person due to the following reason.

Wife of freedom fighter

She was the wife of a man who helped the freedom fighter and was sentenced a year of labour in the jail. She was, therefore, a special lady and deserve the honour. 

Admirer of Good Deeds

When her husband was jailed for a year then she wanted to touch his feet at the court for she knew that he had done a good deeds that she admired the most.

She was an orthodox lady

As she was perturbed about about her chastity and femininity, but she was resolute enough to preserve it at any cost.

Brave and Bold lady

After the jail to her husband, she came and distributed the sweets worth the rupees 5 to the freedom agitators despite the threat of police who would have arrested her too for she was helping them.


She was an exemplary lady who can inspire millions of hearts to go on the path of freedom struggle. She was a symbol of the true strength of women and it should be honored as such.

Short answer type of Questions

Question number 1. what were the political agitators  fighting for?

Answer: The political agitators over those people who wanted the British leave India. They were fighting for freedom from salary.

Question number 2: How did the lady/ wife ( of one freedom fighter) react to her husband’s imprisonment?
Answer: The lady felt very patriotic and proud of husband when he got imprisoned. She felt like touching her husband’s feet in the court and distributed sweets among the freedom fighters.

Question number 3: Why did the lady want to rush forward and touch the feet of the husband? 
Answer: The lady felt very proud of her husband who had supported a very good cause by helping the freedom fighters. For this reason, she wanted to touch her husband’s feet.

Question number 4: Do you agree with the response of the parents to the daughters whose husband had been jailed? Give a reason in support of your answer based on the story ‘A special experience’

Answer: I do not agree with the response of the parents it toward the daughter. She was alone and young and needed their support. But, they did not support her and was selfish and self-centered.

 Question number 5: She was flint outside and gold inside’ who says this and about whom and what does it suggest?

Answer: The narrator uttered this word about Gayan Babu’s wife. His wife appeared rough from outside, but actually she was very kind-hearted, affectionate, and caring.

Question number 6. What kind of lady was Gyan Babu’s wife? 

Answer: Gyan Babu’s wife, the ordinary or rough in appearance. was a very noble, kind-hearted, affectionate, and caring woman. She was very bold, had a great power of persuasion and a firm determination.

Question number 7: How does Gyan Babu’s wife justify her help to the lady whose husband had been jailed? how do you feel about her ? or why Gyan Babu and his wife go to the lady after her husband was arrested?

Answer: Gyan Babu’s wife was inspired by the patriotism shown by the freedom fighters and the spirit of the narrator’s husband who help the political educator. We feel very proud of this simple lady. 

Question number 8: Describe the qualities of Gyan Babu’s wife that you like most in this story a special experience.
Answer: Gyan Babu’s wife was caring, fearless, very affectionate, quick decision-maker, and very bold. Her character is really impressive and praiseworthy as she is selfless. 

Question number 9: How did the resignation of Gyan Babu affect the principal? 

Answer: The principal of Gyan babus school never anticipated this resignation from Gyan Babu. He was shocked and went to talk to the commissioner after Gyan Babu had given his resignation.

Question number 10  why did Gyan Babu’s wife tell him to put his resignation?

Answer: Gyan Babu’s wife asked him to put his resignation as she genuinely wanted to help the narrator and they did not want to throw her out of her house.

Question number 11: What did you learn from the story A  special experience. 
Answer: ” A Special experience” the story is really special as it throws light on the basic goodness of human beings. It also arouses in us the feeling of patriotism and nationalism. 

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