Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course (Lower Intermediate|Age 8-12 yrs)

The Lower Intermediate English Course is designed for learners who have a basic understanding of English and are ready to progress to a more intermediate level. This course focuses on building upon foundational skills in grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will engage in a variety of interactive activities and exercises to enhance their language proficiency and fluency. Topics covered include everyday conversations, common expressions, basic writing structures, and comprehension of simple texts. Through practical lessons and real-life scenarios, students will gain confidence in using English in everyday situations and expand their communication skills. By the end of the course, learners will be able to express themselves more confidently, understand more complex language structures, and engage in basic conversations with greater ease.

Module 1: Everyday Conversations (15 hours 10 video recording Practice)

  • Introduction to common greetings and expressions used in daily interactions. (5 different ways)
  • Practice initiating and responding to greetings, introductions, and small talk. (10 conversations)
  • Role-playing exercises to simulate real-life conversational scenarios, such as meeting new people, asking for directions, and making requests. (5 conversations)

Module 2: Pronunciation and Intonation ( 7 hours. 5 videos recording Practice)

Covering 250 commonly mispronouncing words by Indians

  • Focus on improving pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds.
  • Practice exercises to develop clear articulation and proper stress and intonation patterns.
  • Listening activities to identify and mimic natural speech rhythms and patterns.

Module 3: Vocabulary Expansion (10 hours 10 videos recording Practice| 12+ Thematic categories)

Kitchen| Tour & transport| Sports and Gym| Events and Parties| Science and Technology|Tools and Utensils etc.

  • Introduction to new vocabulary related to everyday activities, hobbies, and interests.
  • Vocabulary-building exercises including word associations, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Contextualized practice activities to reinforce new vocabulary in meaningful contexts.

Module 4: Basic Grammar Structures (10 hours 6 videos Recording Practice)

  • Review and practice of essential grammar structures such as verb tenses (present, past, future), basic sentence structure, and common grammatical patterns.
  • Guided exercises to reinforce understanding and application of grammar rules.
  • Error correction activities to identify and correct common grammar mistakes.

Module 5: Listening Comprehension (8 Hours, 30+ conversation to be practiced with exercise)

  • Listening activities featuring a variety of spoken texts, including conversations, interviews, and short lectures.
  • Practice identifying main ideas, supporting details, and key information in spoken texts.
  • Listening comprehension exercises with follow-up questions to assess understanding.

Module 6: Speaking Skills Development ( 20 hours, 10+ videos to be recorded)

20+ functions to be mastered with fillers. Connecting dots with appropriate fillers to develop fluency in Spoken English

  • Guided speaking activities to develop fluency and confidence in spoken English.
  • Role-play exercises to practice expressing opinions, giving descriptions, and sharing personal experiences.
  • Group discussions and debates on various topics to encourage participation and interaction.

Module 7: Practical Applications (10 hours, 30+ Situation, 12 videos to be recorded)

  • Application of language skills in real-life situations, such as making phone calls, ordering food in a restaurant, and shopping.
  • Role-playing scenarios to simulate common interactions in different contexts (e.g., at the bank, in a hotel).
  • Review and consolidation of skills learned throughout the course through practical, hands-on activities.

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