Understanding Present Continuous Tense Through Paragraph Writing

  1. Mark the verbs which represent countinivity in the paragraph

I am currently sitting at my desk, typing on my computer. The sun is shining through the window and birds are chirping outside. My dog is lying at my feet, snoring softly. I am listening to music and enjoying the peacefulness of the moment. The clock on the wall is ticking steadily, reminding me of the passing time. I am focused on the task and making progress with my work. Overall, I am feeling content and happy.

2. Mark the verbs which represent continuous action of the worker

The man is operating machinery, assembling parts, and monitoring the production process in a factory. He may be performing tasks such as assembling electronic components, welding metal pieces, or packaging finished products. He may also be responsible for performing routine maintenance on the machinery and troubleshooting any issues that arise. Additionally, he may be required to follow safety protocols and adhere to quality control standards.

Practice worksheet

I am writing a paragraph about water pollution. Right now, I am sitting at my desk and typing on my computer. My cat is sleeping on the couch next to me. My phone is ringing, so I am going to answer it. Now I am talking on the phone. After I finish this call, I am going to take a break and make myself a cup of tea.

Answer the Following Questions

  1. What is the writer writing a paragraph about?
  2. Where is the writer sitting?
  3. What is the writer going to do after finishing the phone call?
  4. What is the writer’s cat doing?
  5. Why did the writer stop typing on their computer?

Fill in the Blanks

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verb in parentheses in the present continuous tense.

  1. I __________ (work) on a project right now.
  2. She __________ (cook) dinner at the moment.
  3. They __________ (study) for their exams today.
  4. He __________ (play) video games this afternoon.
  5. We __________ (watch) a movie tonight.

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