A Summer of a Beautiful White Horse|Ch-1|11th NCERT|CBSE, UP Board Solution

White horse

🌟 Synopsis in a Nutshell: Meet Aram, our young narrator, who takes us on a heartwarming adventure set in an Armenian-American community. Picture a beautiful white horse named “Bedford Blue,” an unexpected disappearance, and two cousins, Aram and Mourad, navigating a web of imaginative stories. What happens when a family’s prized possession is taken without permission, leading to a rollercoaster of events that will tug at your heartstrings?

William Wordsworth and His Famous Literary Works


Early Life: Wordsworth was born in the town of Cockermouth in the Lake District of England in 1770. His father died when he was young, and he was sent to live with his mother’s parents in the countryside. It was here that he developed a love of nature, which would later become a central theme in his poetry.

Why Should a Child Go to School?


Hello Readers These are important points to understand the concept and importance of school education. Education: Schools provide children with the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education that covers a range of subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts. Read More …