Ishwaran The Storyteller

The story teller

This story is about a cook named Iswaran who along with being a devoted house helper of Mahendra, was an expert story teller. Since Mahendra was associated with a freelancing supervisor providing company, he had to move from one construction site to another as soon as he finishes the project

The Wind By Chinnaswami S. Bharati

The wind

The poet conveys the message to stand strong against our oppressors. Through the character of the wind god, he reveals the truth that the strong and powerful people can only survive in the era of socio-political and economical society where, the people like wind god only allow the strong people to survive, and digs-up the roots of weak ones. Yes you are at the right place. Learn easier explanation of each stanzas,summary, centeral idea, and relevante qoutation along with Q&A.