Personality Development Course


With a Special Focus on Students’ discipline and good behavior

Module 1: A Step Towards Classroom Discipline (10 H)


Gratitude: (Meditations for few minutes) Meaning, Practice, Rituals, Case Study, Philosophy and religion, Quantum Science. Reference books Quotations, and their interpretation.

Activities and Practice of Gratitude in real life

Assignment: Speech, Discussion, Extempore


Discipline: Meaning, Types, merits, future prediction, case study research, classroom discipline, discipline among students.

Activities and Practice: Reflection, Observation, Checking the Patliance level, List of DOs and DON’Ts

Assignment: JAM, Speech, Writing classroom discipline manual.


Formal Education: Importance, Purpose, History of Education, Contemporary world, and learning and Challenges.

Activities and Practice: Self-expression through discussion, speech, and extempore.

Assignment: Collection of quotations, Interpretation of quotations, Short speech, discussion

Module 2: Introduction(s) and Its etiquettes (8 H)


Introduction: Formal, Informal, Intro in Different Situations (Teacher’s demonstration)

Activity: Writing introduction

Assignments: Introduce yourself to your class/gathering group of people.

Unit- 2

Introducing friends and coworkers to others: Teaching aids, video, and writing work

Activity and Practice: Individual students will demonstrate and introduce his/her friends


Introducing institutions to others: Ask students to introduce your school/ office/company etc.

Module: 3 Character Building (8)


Character: Meaning and Concept,


Great story on integrity and honesty, Justice, etc.,


Taqwa Story of Prophet and His companions


Honesty, Integrity, forgiveness, Patience, Duty as a son/daughter a citizen/neigbour,students, brother/sister etc.

Assignment: Telling at least one story of any great person on moral values.

Module:4 Ettiquettes and Body Language (10 H)


Conversation: How to start, How to end, Speaking, listening. Asking for permission, offering anything. Greetings teachers and elders.


Sitting, standing, walking, looking at someone


Classroom Ettiquettes, language in school and classroom, Etiquettes in Examination Hall, any functions, academic events workshop etc.

Module: 5 Group Discussion on Selected Topics (20 H)

Unit- 1

Education related, Media and Politics


Relationship, society culture and traditions


Life 100 years ago and contemporary world

Modules:6 Languages and Communication (40 H)


Pronunciation with IPA, most commonly mispronounced words, Vocabulary in day to day conversation, Most commonly used Phrase, Phrasal Verb and Idioms.


Functional English: Questioning, requesting, offering, asking, Putting opinion, suggesting likes and dislikes


Situational English: At the restaurant, In the classroom, In the grocery shop, At the ticket window, at the airport at the bank. In the hospital in the party


Writing skills: Letter writing, formal in formal, diary writing, journaling, complement writing, comments writing, email writing, Social media profile, Bio writing, Slogan writing, Tagline writing

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