English Speech


Topic: Investment in your child’s future!

In the name Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful. 

Assalam Alaikum and I wish you a fresh good morning to one all. 

My name is AB. and my name is CD

A nation’s strength doesn’t come from the people who hold a gun, but from the people who hold visions for Change. 

The respected guest, dear audience, and my beloved teachers allow me to begin my speech with heart-touching lines of sir Allama Iqbal. 

Allah se kre door to Taleem bhi fitna 

imlak bhi aulaad bhi jageer bhi fitna 

 Nahak ke liye uddhe to Shamsheer bhi fitna 

 Shamsheer hi Keya naaraye taqbeer bhi fitna.

Sir Iqbal

Dear parents, teacher, and audience, first, we ask you for forgiveness if our words hurt you.

We are going to reveal the harsh reality of our society. 

We believe if we refrain from genuine issues and challenges it will be more difficult and poisonous to rectify them in the future.

I kindly request you all, please open your heart and show your attitude for the change

Dear parents and teachers, we have realized the importance of education in this fast-changing world. You dream to see your child have a successful personality in the future.

Indeed! as a parent and teachers we must have such dreams and expectations for them

If we wish such dreams to come true for our children, we must take responsibility while nurturing and educating our children. 

Dear parents, please do not forget that the first school for a child is the lap of mother and father. 

And the educational institution is the second place for the character building of a child. 

Those parents who are entirely dependent on school for the character building of their kids, I think it is their short-sightedness.

 And do remember, your child is the product of surroundings; the family, society, friends, and caregivers. They behave as they perceive. 

The world is moving at the speed of light. And people are learning new skills this century. If the school is mainly focused on bringing discipline among students they can not impart a quality education. 

They can not provide a deeper and conceptual understanding in a fixed period of time. 

So it is my humble request to each parent to accept one’s responsibility as the first teacher of your loving kids.

Dear parents and teachers! 

Model good behavior and share the story of successful people in front of them.

Use polite and very kind language with them

Invest your time sharing moral stories of the Prophet’s Companions

Please recognize and appreciate them among others. 

Do not compare the ability of your child with other children. 

Do not talk about money,  luxury lifestyle, and materialistic values in front of them

Dear audience, we want to share another bitter truth about our society.  Usually, parents and teachers don’t know the toxic ingredients their children consume every time through different sources, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and some other toxic websites.

We feel ashamed to share that most teenagers in our society are somehow addicted to smartphones. Who is responsible for their life? 

Of course the parents, the teachers, and our society. Such teenagers are toxic not just for their families but for our society, for the state for the nation, and for the entire humanity. 

It’s my humble request to every parent, please cooperate with our school and teachers. We are giving our best to shape their personalities with great values and virtues. 

At the last, I would end my speech with these lines.

Jis Ghar me taleem aur nek maan ho wo ghar tehzeeb aur Insaniyat ki University hai.


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