English Speaking Course| Upper Intermediate level-B2

Course: English Speaking Course for Indian Upper Intermediate Level B2 Students


  • To develop upper intermediate-level English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, at the B2 level
  • To enable learners to use English effectively in a variety of personal and professional situations
  • To build learners’ confidence and proficiency in using English

Course Duration: 12 weeks (2 hours per class, 2 classes per week)

Unit 1: Review of Basic Grammar

  • Review of essential grammar concepts and structures, including verb tenses, conditionals, modals, and prepositions
  • Practice exercises and drills to reinforce grammar knowledge

Unit 2: Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Introduction to more complex grammar concepts and structures, including reported speech, passive voice, and phrasal verbs
  • Building advanced vocabulary related to different topics, including technology, business, and current affairs

Unit 3: Pronunciation and Intonation

  • Focus on improving pronunciation and intonation
  • Practice exercises to improve speaking fluency and accuracy

Unit 4: Advanced Reading and Comprehension

  • Reading and analyzing advanced-level texts, including news articles, reports, and literary works
  • Developing reading comprehension and critical thinking skills

Unit 5: Advanced Listening and Speaking

  • Listening to and analyzing different types of spoken language, including news reports, podcasts, and interviews
  • Developing effective communication skills, including expressing opinions, debating, and negotiating

Unit 6: Business English

  • Developing advanced-level business English skills, including writing emails, reports, and presentations
  • Building business vocabulary and discussing business topics, including negotiations, marketing, and leadership

Unit 7: English for Academic Purposes

  • Developing academic-level English skills, including reading academic texts, writing essays, and giving presentations
  • Building academic vocabulary and discussing academic topics, including research methods and theories

Unit 8: Advanced Conversation Skills

  • Developing advanced-level conversation skills, including making small talk, expressing opinions, and engaging in debates
  • Developing critical thinking and analysis skills

Unit 9: Cultural Awareness and Diversity

  • Understanding cultural differences and similarities
  • Discussing cultural customs and traditions
  • Developing cultural sensitivity and awareness

Unit 10: Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

  • Understanding and practicing the different sounds of English
  • Working on reducing mother tongue influence on English pronunciation

Unit 11: Test Preparation

  • Preparing for international English language tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams
  • Practice tests and exercises to prepare for different exam components

Unit 12: Review and Assessment

  • Review of course material
  • Assessment of learner progress and achievement
  • Feedback and recommendations for continuing English language learning

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