Discussion Prompts For Speaking Skills


Hello guys!

Hopefully, you are doing well in your life and profession. I am going to continue our English language journey by focusing on improving our speaking skills. Effective communication is an important aspect of our daily lives, and with practice and dedication, we can all become confident and fluent speakers of the English language. So let’s put in the effort, ask questions, and actively participate in the activities.

The below-mentioned statement can be used to start discussion, debate, and extempore for developing speaking skills among students. Teachers are advised to use it as per the needs and convenience of the learners.

  1. The human tongue is like a butterfly’s wings; fragile and easily damaged, but capable of creating beautiful things.
  2. The human tongue is like a sword; it can be used to build or destroy
  3. The human tongue can be like a paintbrush, able to create a colorful masterpiece of words.
  4. The words are like a sharp knife that can cut through anything in its path.
  5. Science can be like a puzzle, where each piece of knowledge is a piece of the puzzle that fits together to reveal the bigger picture.

  6. Science and religion are like two sides of a coin; both have an important role to play and are interconnected, yet they remain distinct from one another.
  7. Science is like a ship sailing away from the shore of humanity, gradually leaving behind the comforting familiarity of what we know.
  8. Life in a village is like a peaceful stroll through a meadow, while life in a city is like a chaotic rush through a busy intersection.
  9. Media is like a double-edged sword; it can be a great blessing, but it can also be a great curse.
  10. Comparing humans and animals is like comparing apples and oranges; they are both fruit but have different shapes, colors, and tastes.
  11. Education creates a pathway to success, like a bridge connecting two distant lands.
  12. Educating people is like planting a garden; you must nurture and care for it in order to reap the rewards.
  13. A robot can’t be a chef in a kitchen; it’s missing the essential ingredients of creativity and intuition.
  14. Human is the horse and machine is the carriage, both working together to get the job done.
  15. Your words are like a bow and arrow; they can be used to hit the target of your listener’s heart.
  16. Students should be like sponges, absorbing knowledge and information from their teachers and environment.
  17. School is supposed to be like a garden, where students can plant the seeds of knowledge and watch them grow.
  18. Life is like a train; it has many stops along the way, each offering a unique experience. You may not know where the journey will take you, but you can be sure that you will learn something from it. Every decision you make determines which route you will take and what you will gain from the experience.
  19. Thought should be like an ocean: deep, vast and ever-changing.
  20. Hope is like a lighthouse, guiding the way through dark and uncertain times.
  21. Books are like puzzles because they both require patience and focus to complete, and the reward for finishing them is a sense of accomplishment.
  22. a true leader is like a house light beacon, guiding others safely through the stormy seas.
  23. A relationship is like a roller coaster; it has its ups and downs, but the ride is always thrilling and full of surprises.

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