A Summer of a Beautiful White Horse|Ch-1|11th NCERT|CBSE, UP Board Solution

White horse

🌟 Synopsis in a Nutshell: Meet Aram, our young narrator, who takes us on a heartwarming adventure set in an Armenian-American community. Picture a beautiful white horse named “Bedford Blue,” an unexpected disappearance, and two cousins, Aram and Mourad, navigating a web of imaginative stories. What happens when a family’s prized possession is taken without permission, leading to a rollercoaster of events that will tug at your heartstrings?

Literary Elements; find out in every story

literary elements

Keep in mind that longer works often have multiple settings. The Harry Potter series, for instance, has plenty of memorable locations,
Have you ever imagined yourself living at the river bank or even you’ve wished you’ll attend the Mad Hatter’s party in Wonderland? These are samples of how settings.